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Why are sprays better than pills?

The spray itself is a water-based mixture that you spray into the mouth and swallow, instead of a taking a pill.  This makes it incredibly easy for people who don’t like or are unable to take pills to get their essential vitamins in supplements in a much more effective form. Plus, the small tube is incredibly small and convenient to use.

What sources do you use for your vitamins?

We use the best pharmaceutical grade, all natural ingredients as possible.


How much does each tube of product hold?

Each tube holds 0.4 fl. oz. (13.3 ml), which is a 30-day (1 month) supply when used as directed, which is 8 sprays per day.


I need to know what you recommend for .. (a specific disease).

 We strongly believe in our products and love them. We’ve labeled each product to show you what the product is most commonly used for, but this is not a particular endorsement to use said product for any particular disease or issue. Always consult your doctor for serious questions like this one.


What is in each of your products?

The complete ingredient information can be found on all product labels.