Ingredients: • Proprietary Thermogenic Blend containing: • B12, B5, B6 • Garcinia cambogia extract • Green tea extract • Chromium polynicotinate. • Natural spearmint flavor

Gevitta Burn

Product Description

Have you hit a few too many buffet lines? Do Nacho Cheese Flavored Doritos fill an important void in your life? Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is not easy. But, Gevitta Burn™ takes a common sense approach: spray about 30 minutes before a meal, and you will feel less hungry. Plus, it provides a great metabolic boost—a “burn” if you will—from dollops of Garcinia Cambrosia and other natural ingredients. So, whether you want to be The Biggest Loser–a dubious honor in our book–or just leave something for the rest of us at the buffet line, Burn is the answer. Easy to carry whenever you need pharma-grade weight support goodness right at your fingertips.